Livestock Guard Pups for Sale
My Daughter's dog had seven 1/2 Anatolian, 3/8 Pyrenees, 1/8 Border Collies on July 20th.  She recently moved to the Denver area, but will be delivering one of the pups to Oregon to live with its father - my Anatolian/Pyrenees.  I wanted to see if there's any interest here, as mom and dad are both great dogs and I would love some of their pups to go to homes where they'll have a purpose.  

Parents were both among the smaller siblings in their litters, 70 and 80 pounds, with great dispositions as either pets or guard dogs.  Very smart and independent, but loyal.  Dad lives with our goats and chickens, but is also a house dog (my wife's idea).  He's chased coyotes and neighbor dogs, and naturally stops at the property line once they're gone. Had to teach him to chase the deer who love our landscaping, and he never goes past the gate or across the fence on his own or chases any animals on hikes.  He loves hiking with the goats and is protective on the trail without being out of control - once he started joining us on hikes, they really grew to appreciate him.

There is only one female, and she's spoken for.  There are two white with standard head and base of tail dark patches, one all white, and the others are black with some white on their heads, feet, chest and tail - one of those is a very dark brindle, like dad.  One of the black ones is most likely my pick, but I can't guarantee which are available.  If you have any interest, let me know and I can give more details.  My daughter plans to put together an online ad of some sort if she needs to, and I'll link it here if so.  She will also do a video chat with anyone serious.

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