Misc. Goat Gear
I have a stack of sheep/goat equipment that can go as a bundle for $100 or can be broken up depending on what you want. All of this stuff is in good condition and some is barely used or still in its original packaging.

- L & H disbudding/dehorning iron (tested it and it works - $119 new).
- Premier1 marking harness with 3 crayons still unwrapped (~$30 new)
- California bander with package of bands. There are at least 20 bands still there. (~$25-$35 new)
- 2 screw-in tether stakes, each with a 10-foot bungee tether.
- 1 five-foot bungee tether
- 1 six-foot bungee tether
- 7 small goat bells with collars
- 4 large goat bells with collars
- Pile of small collars (used condition)
- Seven lamb/goat feeding bottles with a whole bag of new and like new Pritchard nipples
- 4 six-foot rope leashes
- 2 small size goat/sheep halters
- 10-foot horse lead rope
- Foal halter
- Weanling foal halter

All of this has sold with the exception of the disbudding iron and the California bander.
The disbudding iron retails for $119. I'm asking $60.
The California bander (which is the type Marc Warnke uses and recommends) retails for $40 and the bands retail for $25. I'm asking $30 for both.

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