Pongo's first hike!
Phil and I hiked up Bartlett Trail today and we took Finn and Pongo! Finn carried our gear. I tried a Warnke yoke on a Sopris packsaddle for the first time today and I really like how it fit. I may order yokes for all my Sopris saddles before our next big trip. But the big news is that Pongo had his first real packgoat experience today! He rode in the bed of the truck with Finn and we hiked about 7 miles. He did awesome! He seemed totally into it. No crying or balking or nervousness. He kept right up with us and was most comfortable when sandwiched between Phil and I. He liked sampling the plants along the way and for the most part it didn't interfere with walking, but occasionally he'd stop long enough that I would pass him, and then Finn would make sure and pass him, and once he was in the back he wasn't very happy and would cry. I'm sure he thought bears would get him back there, but as long as he was up with Phil and I he was perfectly happy and not the slightest bit fussy. 

These are always good rocks for posing.

We had a few water crossings today. 

He did great riding in the truck! 
I was out with Oscar, Felix, and George yesterday. They loved it at first, but then it got a bit warm. Lots of panting by the time we got back to the car. Once I left the desert, it was cool again with a mountain breeze coming down the canyon. I'm glad that George can get along well enough with the 2 brothers that there's no problem transporting them as a set of 3.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
Pongo is so cute!Good job, everyone!--Saph

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