Ughh! What gives with the mites and lice this season! We are on the tail end of a battle with mites on our kid saanens, and they are almost healed up. It got way out of hand before we really even knew there was a problem and despite preventive treatment. They had terrible sores on their feet above their hoof and up and down their legs. Permethrin spray for eveyone and the houses with every cleaning, Ivomec injected, and Nu-stock for the sores has seemed to clear everything up.
Went out to do hoof trimming today and noticed a small amount of blood on June, our doe's back leg. Looked her over and found sores on her tummy and what looks like lice eggs all over the hair on her tummy. Didn't actually see any lice, but I am possitive they were lice eggs. She has had numberous treatments of permethrin along with the other goats in the past 2 months as well as Ivomec. I think we do a really good job keeping everything clean and don't understand why we keep having all these issues. We have never had an issue like this, but we also went from 4 to 8 goats this year.
Python Dust is great for lice and external parasites.

A few trends I have heard this year. Lice and mites are bad and a lot of does keep coming back into heat after not taking being bred. Just kinda odd that these things can happen all across the country at the same time.
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