Pack Goats for sale
All babies are sired by Soldier-MTN Yreka Titan, Both doe’s are cross bred for packing. I have3 babies that are 56% Alpine, 19% Saanen, 19%Boer, 6% Oberhasli. 1st is a giant red chamois (brown) she is the biggest baby I’ve ever had at birth 11.1lbs, the 2nd is light brown/mostly white girl that was 8.9lbs at birth, these are sisters and are going to finish very big for Doeling’s. The 3rd is a triplet Doe, named Red for her mostly red color. See photos below. I personally bottle feed everyone of my kids from birth till they are picked up. They are very well accustomed too people. I have a reservation fee that is non refundable of $150, remaining $350 due on pickup per kid. I raise proven packers, With 12 years of pack goat experience. You can email me at

Brush Mountain Pack Goats
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