Packgoat gear FS ALL SOLD
Hey Folks,
Packgoat gear for sale, Everything is SOLD.....

I was an avid packgoat person for years but as life progressed and my kids finished school (the goats were also 4H projects), my little buddies weren't getting the attention they should have so I sold them to a family with kids.
That was a couple of years ago and I finally decide to sell all the gear that has been collecting dust.
I have 3 full sets of gear for packgoats, used but great shape
Its all Northwest Packgoat brand....great quality

Includes saddles, pockets pads and zipper panniers. Plus I have an extra set of panniers

each set is $240 through NW Packgoats, plus shipping

I'll sell a set for $170 or all of it..... 3 saddles, 3 pads and 4 sets of panniers for $500
I want to give someone the option to buy the whole set before I break it up.

I'm in Olympia Wa, and will consider shipping at buyers expense.

Thanks! Steve

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I am interested. How do I contact you?
I think Curtis was in the market for a red set. If you dont need all three Sussie, might team up with him.
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
Hey Guys there is already a sale pending.
I'm sad to see the last of my packgoat stuff going, I was at the fair the other day and I sure miss having goats.
Sounds like they are gone anyway. Was planning to buying all three. Oh well.

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