Goats and water
I just wanted to share what I have just recently found out. Goats, at least mine don't like drinking from running water. The noise puts them on edge.

I have had goats for 5 years now and have hundreds of miles on my goats. I live in northern California it can be hot and dry. There is no shortage of water in our area small creeks, lakes and ponds. My goats will go days without drinking water. I always stop and take breaks right near water and my boys just do not drink while on the trail. I have always figured they don't need or want water because they are getting enough through browsing. 

I was hiking in an area where water was more infrequent and it was unusually hot and dry. My boys hadn't had any opportunities to drink water so I made a detour to a lake nearby as I approached it I could see my boys were going to have a hard time accessing the waters edge so I pulled out a sandwich baggy and filled it up and offered it to my boys each had drank probably a quart or more of water. I was surprised.

The next weekend I was hunting one of my normal areas where water was easily accessible many times through the day and yet none of my boys drank from any water source. At the end of the day we stopped at a creek to filter water and I offered my boys water from the sandwich bag and they drank probably another quart each.  The next day as we crossed every creek I offered my boys water from the sandwich bag and they drank everytime. 

Having realized this I felt horrible for not offering them water all these years even though they had easy access to water everyday.

And as a side note my boys work ethic had picked up noticeably and breaks were way less frequent. They have worked harder and faster since I had begun offering them water.

Try giving your goats water from a bowl or just a sandwich baggy. You might be surprised
Collapsible lite weight dog water bowls work great. At times sprinkle powdered fruit flavored Gatorade If I am pushing them. The goat doesn't know the next opportunity for water may be along way off. Good observation.

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