Bonding goats dam raised and bottle babies
I've had both bottle raised and dam raised. My experience was exactly like Nanno. My kids just preferred their momma over a rubber nipple. I now only have dam raised babies. They are everybit as attached and bonded to me as my previous bottle babies. What I think is most important is spending a lot of with both the mom and babies taking them on walks, letting them out while I milk and just let them explore while you do chores.

My dam raised goats have everybit of a desire to follow me through the extremely rugged backcountry conditions I demand. They have all the heart and desire as my bottle raised boys. 

Bottle raised packgoats might have a slight edge over dam raised babies but from my experience its just too much work to bottle feed. Especially since I see no significant difference in their outcomes. I believe bucket bottle feeding is not the same as bottle feeding by hand.

Now if I didn't work and could bottle feed I would, but have had poor luck trying a hybrid method

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