Help! Diahrea, 3rd in Jepardy
Leaving vets. NO PARACITES! No one more shocked than me. We ha v e been pretty negligent lately between lawsuit on house build.and hubby's cancer diagnosis. My mind has not been on the goats' needs. I figured they had the worst case of barber worms ever. Not not a one! So thank goodness we avoided that bullet.

Best vet can come up with is strange unidentified virql infection of unknown origins. Nobody new. So for rest of herd, we are taking home two rounds of shots. We left Blackie at vets where they could keep an eye on him. Last nigh5 when we b4ought him hp from pasture, we happ3ned to.catch him for brief period where he was.etanding so we did not carry him and he lead.and.loaded into the trailer.with little.effort. Wise.we.chose to do so because today he cannot.stand at all and his hocks fold in and collapse.underneath him trying to get him from trailer to his stall at vet's. We discussed leaving one of other goats there andndecided it was good id3a so he would not stress. We left Sprite who was also showing some signs but not anywhere near the problems of Blackie. Vet was hopeful. After seeing him try to walk, i am skeptical at best. We will see.

Taking other two hope to turn loose with herd once everyone doctored.

Thanks all for prayers & responses.

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