Help! Diahrea, 3rd in Jepardy
I'm so sorry for your losses! If I were to hazard a guess it would be parasites. As for what you do to treat, it really depends on what type of parasite(s) and whether there is any resistance to certain dewormers in your area. I'd strongly recommend getting a fecal done on the goat with diarrhea and on a broad sampling of the others to see what might be lurking in your herd. It's possible for coccidia to attack older goats but you're right that it's a lot less likely. Usually by that point their bodies have developed a certain resistance to coccidia, so illness, injury, pregnancy/delivery, or some other stressor would usually have to trigger a bloom. However, if you get a fecal done anyway, it would be important to rule out coccidiosis. I hope you figure out what's going on!

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