Help! Diahrea, 3rd in Jepardy
Thanks, everyone. Special thanks, Shannon. On our way to vet now with four of them. Thank you, Jesus, Blackie still down but alive this morning and drank quite a bit of water. Female discharging normal-looking goat pills. Castello's bottom at least dry this morning. So feeling hopeful. Will keep all posted.
Leaving vets. NO PARACITES! No one more shocked than me. We ha v e been pretty negligent lately between lawsuit on house build.and hubby's cancer diagnosis. My mind has not been on the goats' needs. I figured they had the worst case of barber worms ever. Not not a one! So thank goodness we avoided that bullet.

Best vet can come up with is strange unidentified virql infection of unknown origins. Nobody new. So for rest of herd, we are taking home two rounds of shots. We left Blackie at vets where they could keep an eye on him. Last nigh5 when we b4ought him hp from pasture, we happ3ned to.catch him for brief period where he was.etanding so we did not carry him and he lead.and.loaded into the trailer.with little.effort. Wise.we.chose to do so because today he cannot.stand at all and his hocks fold in and collapse.underneath him trying to get him from trailer to his stall at vet's. We discussed leaving one of other goats there andndecided it was good id3a so he would not stress. We left Sprite who was also showing some signs but not anywhere near the problems of Blackie. Vet was hopeful. After seeing him try to walk, i am skeptical at best. We will see.

Taking other two hope to turn loose with herd once everyone doctored.

Thanks all for prayers & responses.
I sure hope they all pull through for you!
Thank you.
Blackie still at vet's. Late-in-day report is that he is doing better but still having trouble getting his feet under him so they want to keep him a little longer. Going to be one expensive goat but crazy us, he is worth it to us. Please keep him, and Sprite staying with him, in your prayers.

I am so glad we left him a companion. Belton is one of the areas hit so hard by the high winds and tornadoes yesterday, the afternoon we left him, so he probably got pretty scared too. Luckily, i guess the clinic came thru it ok.
I'm glad he's still hanging in there, and I'm very glad you had the good sense to leave Sprite with him, and that the vet was ok with that. I hope he recovers quickly! I know Blackie is worth it to you. I saw how faithful and good he was on the trail in Slim Buttes, and I remember how he pulled you up that last hill without any complaints. He's a good boy (even though he did whack Butterscotch and put him out of commission--I guess Blackie just wanted all the glory of being your exclusive packgoat that weekend!).
Thanks, Shannon. Well, believe it or.not, they still want to keep him. They say he's doing better but legs.still weak. Easter weekend now. I am sure there will be no checkouts during the holiday.
Crossing my fingers and waiting for news.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
This vet keeping us informed, rare type here. He sent text, doing much better but legs still weak. They said they were changing strategies but they believe we can probably pick him up some time Wendesday. We have a conflict that day so for us it may be Thursday but i hope not. Miss him. Heavens, he should be worth more than the Moses' Golden Calf" by then.
I'm so glad he's still with you and is getting stronger. Did the vet ever figure out exactly what made them sick?

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