Do nubians ever quiet down?
Total goat noob here. Quick background i purchased a alpine / oberhalsi doe that has been refreshed once that came with a boer wether. I also purchased 2 pure nubian bucklings. So far the little guys are bonding great but my question is do they quiet down with age? Right now they scream like you got there man parts in a vice. If they lose sight of each other or me. Are nubians the guinea hens of the goat world and its something i just need to deal with?
Nubians have a well-established reputation for being talkative and LOUD! However, in my personal experience they do tend to quiet down a lot after the first few months to a year, and a lot more after they turn two. My extremely noisy 5/8 Nubian wether, Sputnik, hardly ever vocalized after he turned three and now he's the least talkative goat in my entire herd. However, when he does make a comment once in a blue moon, he raises the roof. He is a goat of few words, so when he talks he makes sure everyone is listening!
My la mancha alpine crosses would give nubians a run for their money as far as volume.. After I castrate they very quickly became more relaxed and less emotional. It is common for all goats to be vocal if they cannot see anyone from their herd, human or their goat buddies.
As far as my experience goes, no.
Dandelion, how long have you had Nubian wethers?

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