Doeling breeding age
I don't have definite plans to breed my doeling but there is a possibility. 

I am not experienced with younger does. Cricket (alpine/lamancha) is only 6 1/2 months old but she's over 80lbs and is desperately in heat. Nousy, tail flagging and visually showing heat. She seems young but after doing some online research it seems she is physically large enough for pregnancy.

What is a general rule for breeding age for does?
I breed my does so they are 2 when they kid. That gives them time for their body and mind to mature. I don't like the idea of "babies" having babies.
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I differ from Taffy on this one. I actually prefer to breed girls at 6-8 months when I can. That said, I usually can't because I have too many older does that I have to breed before they get too old to start! I don't think it's healthy to wait until they are older than 18 months so if I have a bunch of yearlings they always take priority over that year's doelings. However, I've found that if I can breed my doelings the first year, they are just fine, and in fact have had fewer problems conceiving and delivering than my 2-year-old maidens. The problem with the yearlings is that they are often overweight by the time they get bred, so that is probably what leads to the fertility issues. I've also had trouble with them rejecting bucks more often, usually because my bucks are small and the yearling does are sometimes bullies and can pound them. This wouldn't be an issue with a larger buck. With mature bucks and young doelings you can have the opposite problem. The little doe is terrified of the big buck and he can be too rough. So really it depends a lot on your particular situation and the particular doeling you have in mind. 

Good luck whatever you decide!
Much appreciated thank you all.

Her heat cycle was very short, about a day and a half. I'm most likely not going to breed her this season. I have plenty of goats and too much milk, cheese, butter, ice cream etc! Although I am picking up two 2yr old wethers this Friday and my doe is pregnant and is due in April. That will make 12 goats total, if she has twins again. This has been my plan the whole time though, to have a good string and cull out the boys that don't make the team.

Charlie Horse, I grew up watching married with children. Hilarious! I might have to name my next buck Al Bundy

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