Lump on jaw??
(07-16-2014, 04:40 PM)sydneyjd Wrote: It is under the jaw,in a circular shape,but the whole under-jaw is slightly swollen i think. I will try to get a pic tonight.

Ooh... I posted before this latest info. If the whole under-jaw is swollen it sounds like it could be bottle jaw. There's a detailed description of that here:

One quote: Both the Barberpole stomach worm and the liver fluke feed on blood, consuming red blood cells and causing anemia. Hypoproteinemia is the protein depletion that results from a rapid reduction in red blood cells. A common external symptom is bottlejaw -- a swelling under the chin that worsens as the day passes and may seem to disappear by morning, only to re-appear the next evening.

Bottle jaw is serious and needs immediate treatment because your goat is full of worms and low on iron and protein. Look at her lower eyelid and see if it's pale. If it's pale pink or white then she's anemic and needs help.
It could be a bug bite

I also dont understand why when she chews her cud,she get green all over her lips. Undecided
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Not CL, bug bite maybe, a sliver from a wood feeder or two by four maybe or a russian olive thorn? Not bottle jaw
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I'm so glad you posted pictures. It's nice to rule out the nasty stuff like CL and bottle jaw, and it doesn't look like the right place for a tooth abcess either. Hopefully it keeps going down on its own, but if there's a thorn or splinter there it will probably turn into a hard abcess and will need to be drained and the object removed. Often the splinter comes out when you drain the abcess and you never even see it.

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