2toggs and bopine/kiko for sale
2 toggenburg wethers. They are brothers approx 5 yrs old. Slim and Donald. Bought in Idaho as pack goats. They aren’t being used, good home is a must. I don’t really want to sell my Black and Tan bopine kiko wether in the photos but might if the home fits. His name is Blu, 2 yrs old and ready to start.. All raised by hand and loved. We are trying to downsize. Please text or call 541.993.9329


Located in Pendleton OR

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Well that was quick!

I'd also like to suggest a username change. Since it shows up publicly on the forums, I don't want it getting caught up in phishing scams. If you need help with that please let me know. I may have to change it from the admin side of things. If that turns out to the case, just shoot me a private message with the name you want me to change it to.
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