1.5 year old pack goat weight
I’m newer to pack goats and have never raised a younger goat into a packer only had full grown goats and trained them at that point. I was looking around and have seen many people selling 1-2 year old goats and was wondering what weight they should be around 1.5 years old. Thanks
At 18 months I usually expect they'll be around 150#. Individual goats grow at different rates so judging a goat at this age is not always a good indication of how big he'll end up. As yearlings my boys Finn and Sputnik were ~125# and ~115# respectively. At 18 months they'd both grown and filled out quite a bit, but Finn was still significantly larger than Sputnik. At that point I thought Sputnik would end up a runt. But somewhere between 18 months and 2 years, Sputnik's growth took off so that by the time they were two they were both ~180#. Now as adults Finn averages around 195# and Sputnik 230#.

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