2022 NAPgA Calendar Contest!!
The much-celebrated annual NAPgA photo contest is ready to go! This year we finally managed to ditch the ever-confusing Flickr format and have created what should be a very simple page on our website where members can upload photos for the contest!

As always, photos must be high resolution and in landscape orientation to qualify for a full page in the calendar. 

Each member family may submit up to five photos. Deadline for photo entry will be Sunday, October 3rd. After that we'll open the contest for voting! 

Follow this link to start uploading: 


The link can also be accessed through the "Members Only" page located under the "Membership" tab on our website.

Please let me know if you have any questions or encounter any problems (and especially bugs!) with the photo site. This is a brand new page and if there are any glitches we need to know about them ASAP.

We look forward to seeing all your beautiful photos!
We're getting some really nice entries and best of all they're actually easy to upload this year (YAY!!). I just uploaded my "real" photos (I had a couple of place-holders there so the page wouldn't look empty when the first person signed on). I got some good ones on our recent trip to South Dakota. Deadline is end of day on Sunday, Oct. 3, so if you haven't entered yet don't wait!
Photo submissions are closed and it's time to VOTE! We got a lot of gorgeous entries again this year and they can be found here:

The contest can also be found under the "Members Only" tab at napga.org. You must sign into your NAPgA account in order to view photos and cast votes.

Rules for voting:
- Vote by adding one comment under each photo you like best.
- You may vote for up to 12 different photos.
- Please vote for no more than 2 photos per contestant.
- You may vote for your own photo.
- You may vote for low-res photos (indicated by a !) but these will not qualify for a full calendar page. However, they can still be used for the cover and notes page montages.
- Since memberships often cover two individuals, you and your significant other may both vote. If you do that, please add your name next to your vote.
- Voting closes at end of day on Sunday, Oct. 17th.

If you have any questions or have trouble voting (or logging into the site) please let me know. I will be happy to help out!

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