When it's not BLOAT, what is it?
When one of our packgoats became sick and nothing we tried seemed to work to make him better, I started asking friends, people on forums, etc.  People kept saying he had "hay" belly, but I've had goats for over 30 years and knew this was not so.  We finally decided to put our goat down and did an autopsy to see what his issue was.  I felt better knowing it was nothing we could have done anything about.  I doubt that this happens very often, but I'm putting it on here in case you have the same issue and become as frustrated as we did at not being able to make him better.


This was a slow death for this poor boy because I kept thinking I'd be able to help him.  For weeks he kept going on our walks and hikes, until finally toward the end we were having to wait on him as he couldn't keep up.  Poor guy was one tough critter as we found out when we finally opened him up and realized just how sick he was.
I'm sorry to hear about your goat. But what ended up being the problem? Did you ever find a cause for why his digestive system quit working?

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