2nd 2021 NAPgA Rendezvous in Slim Buttes, SD!
Sunday morning was lovely so Phil and I decided to take one more final short hike around the Buttes with Dean and Dani. 

Sputnik was a trooper. He was pretty footsore after our long hike the day before, which was preceded by several other long hikes earlier in the week followed by a long ride in the trailer. He was lagging by Sunday but he still never complained.  

I got just one decent photo of Dean and Dani and their boys in front of the formations. Georgey had recovered nicely from his exhaustion the previous day.  

We did a short loop and circled back to see the morning sun reflecting off the tawny grass with the buttes still in shadow. It was a very different look from the afternoons before when the sun shone off the white rock faces. 

We explored down into the shaded valley for a closer look at the weird formations. 
Scout's sharp black and white coat was very striking against the pale rock. 

Finn just about turned himself inside-out over what must have been a particularly annoying itch. 

Finn poses regally while Phil spoils the effect by looking ridiculous in the background. 

This is not a good photo but it gives a bit of perspective on the height of this formation which Sonic and Scout shortly got into trouble on moments later. 

"Oops. Now what do we do?"

Well, it was touch-and-go for a few minutes. Sonic ran out of ledge but somehow managed to turn himself around, at which point a tense face-off ensued. Scout's ledge was too narrow for him to turn around or back up, and there was certainly no room to pass, but Sonic insisted that Scout would not continue standing in his way. Eventually Scout tried to turn around but of course he lost his footing and slithered face-first down the cliff face. He somehow managed to keep his feet, running and sliding down the cliff until he reached the bottom in a series of skips. Sonic stood on the ledge like a king before strutting off the proper way. 

Sonic regained his composure and ran up to pose on a nearby ridge. 

The aftermath of the little cliffside altercation was hilarious. Sonic and Scout each blamed the other for what had happened. Both of them had their hackles raised and they began quarreling and conking heads on a ridge nearby. Look at the angle of their ears. They weren't happy with each other! 

I'm hoping this experience taught these young boys a lesson about being careful where they walk. We'll be in Utah next week and the last thing I want is for these little daredevils to pull a stunt like this on some dangerously high cliff! 

We ended our walk and said our goodbyes to everyone in camp. It was a small group and the weekend was short, but it had been an incredible time. We had lots of fun and we'd love to do it again sometime!

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