Lost Packgoats in Washington
NAPgA received an alert this morning about four packgoats lost in the Wenatchee wilderness off the Beverly Creek Trailhead on July 10th. [font="Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]The goats were lost just south of the Fourth Creek Trail #1218. They were loose in camp at night and were gone by morning. They were not wearing bells or gear, but three of them were wearing collars with the owner's name and phone #. I've attached a photo.  [/font]

[font="Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]We realize that it may be too late for these guys as there is a lot of wolf activity in the area, but goats are resourceful and some or all of them may still be out there looking for someone to bring them home. If you have time and want to spend a little of it in the wilderness spotting for goats, their owner would sure appreciate the help! I can pm his contact info to anyone who might need it. [/font]

The forest service has been alerted and I have directed the owner to also contact the Washington Fish & Game and the local sheriff's office(s). He has posted flyers around the area. If you want to go looking, please be aware that this is a very remote area with few hikers in it right now and the mosquitos are brutal. Bring mosquito netting and lots of repellent! 

Hopefully we can get these goats found! 

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