Rescue goats first hike
Adopted a few cute lamanchas from a nearby farm that had the mother die and where in need of a new home.  We  bottle raised them until they were weaned, and integrated them into our herd of 13. Worked several days out of each week in our back 40 trail system and leash training as well.  Today was the day, lots of anticipation, worry, and more anticipation.  Took them out with Buddy and Uber, our calmest goats.  Buddy was running with the marc Warnke Aluminum saddle with the panniers from his website at 30lbs.    Uber was running the soft saddle with 10lbs, while Captain and Polka were slick.  They did amazing for their first trip, and enjoyed all the chances to grab some green vegetation along the way.   Really proud of their achievements and how they made today look as though they have been doing it for years.  Easy 3.95 mile hike before work!

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They're on the way to a great life! But I'm not a bit surprised that they did well. Most goats are born for this.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
That's awesome. I love seeing people out enjoying their goats and seeing goats do what goats do best. Smile

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