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I just discovered a fun website/blog.  These folks travel all over the US in a travel trailer with a goat named Frankie!  They've visited some great places. I asked how they were able to take a goat in some of the places they visit.  Her reply was:  "In general, most national parks aren't pet friendly so we tend to do the overlooks with Frankie and my husband and I take turns on hikes inside the park that are bi-pedal only - then we go take hikes all together just outside of the park boundary in the NF or BLM.  Many parks have at least 1 pet friendly trail so we normally do that too (ie Grand Canyon Rim Trail, Bryce Canyon Sunset Point).  Also, a good portion of state parks ARE pet friendly so we just do our research.  We have yet to be turned away fact, Frankie has tons of pictures with park rangers."
Goatberries Happen!
They've visited some great places.
Oh, wow! That is such a great website. What inventive, creative people! Thanks for link.

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