UPDATED INFO- Alpines: bucklings 3-10wks old intact & horns
UPDATE: Licensed carrier will be picking up my kids and taking them in the directions in the 2 photos (mid-May and 1st week of June). The route is flexible. Individual crates in a mini van.

WILL BE TALL Heart Disease free herd.
ALL of my bucklings this year had to be pulled (they were so large).

All large bloodlines, and bred for personality, conformation and color.
My breeder males at maturity are 38.5" to 40" at withers and quite heavy at full flesh.

Currently intact and still have horns. Well blended & upright front ends, tight elbows, level top-lines, well sprung w/ deep heart-girths, good bone, clean legs, straight correct gait, tight toes, short upright pasterns. All were imprinted at birth & know how to take a bottle. Human socialization every day.

I know the personalities of each of these, and I know my bloodline's growth patterns.
PM me for more info. Phone calls preferred... send your number
Located in So-Cen Texas and I have access to a private carrier who takes them in an enclosed van. Reasonable rates.
No problem getting a health cert-- ear tatts w/ ADGA paperwork & CD/T and worming will be up to date.

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