Purebred Lamancha Pack Goat Prospects
We are an exclusive breeder of Lamancha Dairy Goats, located in Eagle, ID.  Our 2021 kidding season is in full swing and we have many nice kids to choose from.

We have invested heavily since our farm's inception in facilities that house our herd, farm help and the best genetics possible from the top lamancha breeders around the country. We don't sell goats that have physical, genetic or health issues. Our entire herd is tested annually at the state lab for Tuberculosis, Brucellosis and most importantly CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis). CAE is a fatal disease that can easily be transmitted among goats through blood and milk. Many breeders don't test for it and certainly don't publicly disclose it if it exists in their herd. We feel it's critical to maintain a clean herd and post our test results to our website for the public to review.

Unlike some people offering pack goats for sale, we do not purchase kids from other breeders and re-sell them at a profit. Every kid is born and raised on our farm and every dam (mother) and sire (father) are resident on our farm for buyer viewing.

All of our kids are raised as bottle babies on heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized goat milk for strict bio-security purposes. Kids receive daily treatments for coccidia prevention. At birth, every kid receives a selenium vaccine (BoSe) and is fed 16 oz. of colostrum in the first 24 hours before transitioning to pasteurized goat's milk. Kids purchased less than 10 weeks old will require bottle feedings and are happy to recommend a feeding schedule.

Pack Goats under 3 weeks of age priced at $150. They are wethered bucks only and are not registered, kids older than 4 weeks old will be offered at an additional cost.

We are meticulous about herd management and it is obvious when a buyer visits our farm. Every goat in our herd receives top care including vaccinations, boosters, periodic worming and the best possible non-GMO feed available. We spend countless hours every day socializing with our goats and pride ourselves on the care they receive. As mentioned earlier, our herd is tested annually for Tuberculosis, Brucellosis and CAE. We are inspected monthly by the State of Idaho as a raw milk provider.

Located in Eagle, ID (a suburb of Boise)
Website: www.delunaacres.com
Facebook: DeLuna Acres

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