Alpine pack prospect - buckling born 4/4 - Wyoming
I have 1 Alpine (out of registered parents) pack prospect available and likely more on the way. Most, if not all, future bucklings born this spring will be available as pack wether prospects.
This one is a buckling currently but papers will not be included as he is likely not buck quality. His dam has a parrot mouth (it does not at all negatively affect her health) but he does not. It is unknown if it is genetic or not.
He has not been disbudded yet but will be very soon if nobody wants him as a pack goat. A non-refundable deposit is required for his horns to stay intact.
He is a twin that was born on 4/4 weighing 9.4 lbs & is taking a bottle good. Herd was tested in January 2021 for CAE & CL, all goats are Negative for both (one mature doe is vaccinated for CL).

Located near Casper, Wyoming

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