Pack goats for sale
I have four goats for sale. Two three year old Kikos. Both have packing experience.  White goat weighs 200lbs tan goat weighs 225lbs. Both were purchased by me from Kopf Canyon Ranch.  Dam raised and need someone who can continue to work with them.  

The other two are two years old.  One is fill Saanen and the other Ober.  Both are very friendly.  The Saanen is good size approx 175lbs, but the Ober small.  However, they are buddies and I want them to go together.

Will sell as pairs or all together. 

$850 for all four, or $700 for the Kikos and $300 for the Saanen and Ober. 

Call or text for more information or pics/video. 

Ben. 208-412-5332

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Hi my name is Paul i'm very interested does any gear come along with them and are you in coeur d'Alene idaho

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