Advise about bottle feeding Nigerian Dwarf
I am in need of advise. My mom has a Nigerian Dwarf, born March 8th. She had stated she wanted the doeling to be a bottle baby. She was set to pick up Holly at a week old, (mostly do to everyone's schedule). The breeder assured my mom that the doeling was taking the bottle and having no problems. Due to a family thing, we weren't able to pick up the doeling when originally slated. We picked the doeling up just this past Saturday. 
At pick up, we discovered that the doeling was still on the dam, and was only being given the bottle once per day. We struggled most of the day Saturday after getting home to get the doeling to take more than half ounce to ounce of milk. This has basically continued thru today. My mom said the doeling should be taking roughly 4 ounces every 4ish hours. The baby is currently taking 1-1.5 ounces every 2-3 hours. We have a call into our vet about it. 
Holly is acting what we perceive as normal; she's jumping, running, escaping her indoor pen, she's chewing on hay, appears to be drinking water from the water bowl (i think she's just playing in it, but i could be wrong). She's currently indoors, but does get outdoor time with the buckling we have. 
My question is: where the doeling was mostly dam fed, until we got her; is it possible that she's not going to take as much right away? Basically less milk more often? 
We have experience with bottle feeding Nubian/Boer babies (last years babies), and I also wonder if the size of the baby goats would make a difference in the amount of milk taken each feeding. 
Thank you for any help/advise/suggestions.
Hmm... that's too bad they sold you a "bottle kid" that was still on the mother. I'm glad she's active, but if she doesn't start eating she'll start getting lethargic. The size of the kid does make a difference in how much they'll eat, but an ounce per feeding doesn't sound like enough. You'll need to do some research to find out how much Nigerian kids her age and size typically eat. You may need to withhold milk longer to make sure she's very hungry next time you feed. That way she'll be more likely to take the bottle. I'm sorry I'm not more help. Bottle babies are not my specialty, and I have never raised a Nigerian Dwarf. Best of luck to you though! I hope you get it figured out soon and she thrives.
Thanks Nanno.
Our vet said that it could vary on amount per feeding. She recommended that we feed as often as the Holly wants for the first few days, and then start a timed feeding schedule. As of early hours this morning, Holly started taking 2 ounces per feeding in 1.5 hours in between. Our vet let us know that Holly may not take a bottle like a bottle kid, and to just keep watching the intake. Dr said we may just have to do less milk more feedings type schedule. So far, she seems to be doing great.

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