Mark you calendars for Rendezvous 2021!
The 2021 NAPgA Rendezvous will be held June 17th-20th!

Due to Covid restrictions we won't be able to hold it in Oregon as planned.  We will hold it in Oregon in 2022.

The location for the Rendy is TBD.  The NAPgA Board members are looking at a number of sights.  We'll post the location ASAP.
Goatberries Happen!
I'm currently looking into the Slim Buttes area of South Dakota. Looks like a beautiful and unique spot if it works out!
Yeah I'd host it here in UT but that is smack in the middle of gnat season. It'd either go great, or if the swarms were strong, could be the biggest disaster in the history of goats.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
We're also looking into Boiling Springs, ID.

It would be so fun to see everyone again!
Goatberries Happen!
Yes, thank you Taffy! I couldn't remember the other location when I posted late last night so I just posted the one I'm working on. Both look like nice areas!
The location has been decided and we'll be going to Stanley, ID on June 17-20! I'll try to get some photos up soon. Smile
Awesome! Thanks for putting this all together. I'm hoping to fly out (hope I can get my shot by then) this time around. It would be great to see everyone again!

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