6 Adult Lamancha Wethers Available in Colorado
SOLD to a great family in Utah! Ready to start a herd or perhaps looking to add more goats?  Caramel Apple Farm has 6 awesome full size wether lamancha goats ready to carry weight and become pack goats.  They are all collar and leash trained. Included is a brand new saddle!  $2600 (includes goats and saddle)
Peter - born 3/13/16 Current Weight 245
Sammy - born 6/11/18 Current Weight 227
Dean - born 6/11/18  Current Weight 197
Chewbacca - born 5/21/18 Current Weight 165
Luke - born 5/21/18 Current Weight 182
Han - born 5/21/18 Current Weight 211
My plan was to raise up these goats to be pack goats for weekend trips and to pull carts at our farm for festivals.  How awesome it would have been to have these guys pulling carts full of pumpkins for our customers.  However, my husbands health has unexpectantly changed which has lead to a much different path for us.  For me, packing may not be a part of my life till many years down the road.  This goats have been very well cared for with regular hoof trims, cd&t shots, we haven't needed to worm, and obstacle course walks by me and lots of great kids.  We are located in Colorado on 100 acres at 6000 feet so they are ready for high altitude.  We have had goats since 2008 and operate a closed herd with no CAE, Brucellosis, or CL ever.  

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