near Flagstaff, AZ Pack goats in training
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Located near Flagstaff, AZ in Parks- Pack goats in training (have not had a pack on yet).  Unregistered
All goats keep up to date with CDT, deworming, and hooves trimmed as needed.
All are very sweet, excellent on trails, great with dogs and kids.  None of these ever headbutt anyone and will follow you wherever you go.

Fed Orchard Grass, minerals, Ammonium Chloride (to prevent Urinary Calculi in wethers), and small amount of Alfalfa pellets daily.  Also offered water with Apple Cider Vinegar as an option.

Birch- Large Saanen Wether (faded red collar).  Nearly 3 years old.  Both parents registered.  Bottle Fed.  EXTREMELY SWEET and social!  Disbudded.  Wattles.

Ash- Younger Saanen/Alpine (green collar).  1.5 years old.  Father was registered.  Bottle Fed.  Sweet boy.  Disbudded with small scurs.

We are in a different phase of life and will most likely not use them to their full potential.  We have had both of them since a few weeks old, and they are our pets.  This is a very tough decision for us, but we want the best for them.  We would like to see them either go to a kiddo in 4-H wanting to compete in pack goat competition and/or to be used as pack goats on the trail.  Both of those are the reason we had them go begin with.
They are beautiful!
If you are on Facebook, you can also post them on the "New Homes for Pack Goats" page:
Good luck! 

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