I've actually used a fly trap with the dissolving packets of fly bait with some success. It makes a pretty nasty smelly mess but it does at least attract and trap the flies. If you already have a lot of flies then I think it is better to go ahead and trap them rather than having them all of the place harassing me and the goats. You can hang them outside shelters if you have a high spot and that does keep them outside rather than inside for the most part. I got my trap at Tractor Supply. I also used fly tape last year. This year the flies have not been too bad and I am only using 1 trap so far but I noticed a couple of the goats sprinting from shelter to shelter as if their hair was on fire today (I'm pretty sure it was flies bugging them). I also had a spray that I used last year but you need to keep the goats out of the shelter for awhile as the fumes are not good for them but it definitely killed flies QUICKLY.

I was thinking about trying fly predators but I never pulled the trigger because there is an expense to them, you have to resupply every month or so, and I don't really know how effective they are. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone that has tried them.

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