8 year old Oberhasli pack goat for sale
I’ve got too many pack goats and not enough time.  I’ve decided to look for a new home for Buddy. 


I’ve not been able to get out with him as much as I’d like, probably 2 dozen day hikes with a light pack, and a couple overnight trips in the last couple of years.   He’s done nicely on those trips.

Buddy follows me nicely on lead, or in a string.

He is quite friendly.   In the pasture he often comes up to me for pets.


Buddy is a little over 33” tall at the withers, weight is about 175#.  Tested CAE, Cl & Johne’s free. 

We live near Burlington in Western Washington. Price is $250.

Questions? Contact me via private message.

PM sent
Sold Buddy
(07-11-2020, 01:43 PM)Perry Wrote: Sold Buddy

Thanks for the opportunity!! He is fitting in well and just got a light hike in the back 40.

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