ISO Goat Boarding/Family to Share my Goats with
I have 5 adult seasoned horned pack goats I'm looking to board and share with another family.

I'm in the Spokane Washington area and I have 3 Sables, 1 Ober, and 1 Alpine that I need to board nearby.

In exchange I have a 2 horse trailer and thousands of dollars in saddles and packs that we can both use.

My boys need more packing than I give them.  I primarily use them for fly fishing and elk bowhunting the backcountry wilderness.

All serious inquiries welcome.

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This is a great idea. I live near by but am full with my 3 packers and have borrowed my neighbors to add to mine once. It worked out well. Good luck.
This is really a great idea for folks that might not have the room or would like to see their goats get out on the trail more. I'm in WA but still 2 1/2 hours away so not close by any means. I'm not set up for more goats right now either but this is something I would consider in another year or two as I will have a lot more room (7 acres), shelters, play structures, etc. for goats.

I truly hope you find a good match for you and your goats. Best of luck.

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