Future Packgoat Mamas - Southern Wyo
My does didn't produce any boys this year's so I have several really nice doelings that will be available.
This doeling out of great milking does, that are friendly and correct, and out of Alpine buck that has some great production lines also and has taken to being an excellent Packgoat even with a late start at it.
My herd has tested neg for CL/CAE/Johnes and yearly fecals.

2 x Black and tan doelings: Alpine x Kiko/Nubian
1x buckskin? : Alpine x Nubian (extremely tall, good bone, don't let the fact her mother is a Nubians scary you away). ADGA recorded.

Let me know if you are interested. I do have more two yearlings that will be kidding in May. And have a couple straight nubians doelings and possibly a doe in milk for sale.

Saratoga, Wyoming

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