Craigslist for the horned packgoat lovers
For those of you that loved horned packgoats you have to look at the horns on this Alpine sire. He is amazing, add says he holds some kind of world record. He is stunning. He and his babies are in North West Montana
My gosh those horns are AMAZING!!! I'm not sure I'd want ones like that on a packgoat though! There are too many places he'd never fit through, not to mention you'd go half a mile out of your way every time you passed him! Just gorgeous though!
His packer babies would need to be neutered as soon as reasonable possible. It would likely not be worth the time to try to disbud his genetic off spring. He must have to go through the woods like a bull elk.
I actually picked up one of the bucklings on Sunday. From what I've heard, the previous owner of the buck fed him ALOT of grain which put his horn growth in overdrive. I'm excited to see how the little guy turns out. So far he's very loveable and want to be with us (dam raised). We plan on banding him at 90 days to get the best of both worlds.
We picked up his first kids of this year (in early march). Triplets, 2 bucklings and a sweet doelings. I was told the same thing that he was apparently fed a ton of grain which made his horns explode. We will be banding the boys around 70-80 days. Super excited for their potential.

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