Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Draft Revised Forest Plan
The 90-day comment period started Dec. 20th so we have until March 19th to comment. Information can be found here:

The document itself can be found here:

Here is all the language pertaining to goats, including packgoat-specific language on page 64:

The primary reason the bighorn declined is due to their susceptibility to pneumonia after exposure to bacteria (Pasteurella spp.), viruses (Parainfluenza type-3), lungworm, and stress agents. Sources of these diseases are generally domestic sheep and goats. Major reductions or total extirpation of bighorn herds due to pneumonia outbreaks are well documented. (page 12)

Bighorn in the planning area have survived when other regional populations have been reduced or extirpated. This, coupled with the fact that domestic sheep grazing on the Nez Perce-Clearwater has been ongoing for centuries, make these populations of bighorn particularly interesting. In fact, individuals of this population have served as the source for other bighorn re-introductions around the west (Mack, Kasprzak, & Luiz, 2017). (page 12)

FW-STD-WL-02. In order to prevent disease transmission between wild and domestic sheep, domestic sheep or goat grazing shall not be authorized in or within 16 miles of bighorn sheep occupied core herd home ranges. (page 64)

FW-GDL-WL-05. New authorizations and permit reauthorizations for domestic goat packing should include provisions to prevent disease transmission between domestic goats and bighorn sheep. (page 64)

Comments can be submitted here:
Online commenting is preferred given the anticipated number of comments.
Comments may also be submitted by mail to:
Quote:Nez Perce Clearwater National Forests
Attn: Zach Peterson, Forest Planner
903 3rd Street
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Information received is part of the public record including names and contact information.
I also encourage you to join us at an open house event on the Forest Plan Revision where we will be providing information on our process and the documents which should help you with your review. Events have been planned throughout Northern Idaho and into Western Montana. Additional details, locations and dates are available on our website.
Please contact Forest Planner, Zach Peterson at or at 208-935-4239 with any questions you may have.

My take: I find it interesting that they propose to ban sheep grazing in the area despite the fact that they mention right there in the document that domestic sheep have been grazing in this area for centuries without harm to this particular population of bighorns. Why would domestic sheep (and goat) grazing suddenly now become a problem after all these years? I think we need to point this out along with the fact that goats have NOT been implicated in bighorn sheep pneumonia outbreaks. 

I think it's great that they are not proposing an outright ban of packgoats but I don't like the language here about permits. Does this area historically require stock permits for packgoats? If not, then I don't think they should start. However, I am in favor of language about using Best Management Practices to keep separation between packgoats and wild species, along with measures to prevent and recover lost packgoats.
Dates, times, and locations of meetings can be seen here:

Looks like quite a few meetings will be held from Jan. 7th - Feb. 22nd throughout Idaho and Montana. Check the list and see if you can make it to any of these meetings! And everyone please submit your comments whether you can make it to a meeting or not!
Can you post a link to the comments section? Do they require that you're living in that state? That'd seem strange considering our overlords don't claim to be part of the states they live in, but owe their loyalty to DC. I really don't think they consider the states as anything more than different royal tracts of land with groups of serfs under local lords. Can you tell I'm not a friend of big government?
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The comments aren't posted yet as far as I can tell. At least, I can't find a "Reading Room" link. We'll just have to keep an eye out for it I guess.

Anyone can comment. You don't have to live in that state since it is Federal land.

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