3-Pack Goats
I have made the tough call to sell three goats that have been trained to pack. 

4 year old Nubian doe approximately 220 pounds and 33” at withers, disbudded. 

2- 2 year old Alpine weathers, approximately  190 pounds, 32” at withers both disbudded. 

The Nubian ,Amy, is super sweet, has a heart of gold, loves to be brushed out by my kids. Down fall is she won’t jump into the box of my truck, she has to be lifted in one half at a time. She’s got the most heart when it comes to hiking though. The alpines were bottle fed here, imprinted and so kind. They’ll happily hop into the truck. All three follow extremely well. The Nubian is great in camp keeping an eye out for anything that is out of place, she spotted several deer, a coyote and other hunters before we were aware of their presence. I used them this last year for packing in camp and what a blessing they were. I am selling these goats as they are disbudded and want my string to have horns. We hope all three sell together, and to a good home. 

These goats are for more of the casual folks, and dabblers. 

They are current on CDT, have had other goats in our herd test negative for disease. 

These goats are very well behaved, very well socialized, and all are lead broke. We have a large prairie by the house so we can demonstrate their capabilities in person.

No equipment included.

Pueblo CO

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Welcome to PackGoat Central! I live only 45 minutes south of you in Rye. We should get together sometime!

I don't want to start an argument or anything, but if the lack of horns is the only problem you have with these goats, I'd urge you to rethink. Horns look nice but they are completely unnecessary for packing. And since you have children there is a whole other level of safety to consider if you get horned goats. I have both horned and dehorned goats, and I would personally never consider selling a goat just because he/she lacked horns. It would be a shame if you ended up regretting this decision. Just my 2 cents. Wink
Are these still available?
I agree with Nan, goats do not need to have horns to be great packgoats.
Goatberries Happen!
Are these goats still for sale?
(02-24-2020, 06:42 AM)bomull21 Wrote: Are these goats still for sale?
Yes. I live in The Dalles, Or. 541-296-8442.
Do you have pics? Still available?

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