Any wethers for sale
I’m located in Clarkston, WA, 
Looking for a 1.5 to 3year old wethers for training in packing. 
Hornless preferred. 
Feel free to send your location and what you have.
Currently I have two wethers 7 months old . 
Thanks. Ron
Taffy forwarded a Craigslist add for 2 packers in Kittitas, WA on 10/7. You can follow the link in the classified section on this site or they still have and active listing on Craigslist.
We have 3 wethers for sale, bottle-raised, vaccinated, trained in halter/lead and hoof-trimming. 2 LaManchas, 1 Alpine. They are 6 months old and have horns. I know that's not exactly what you are looking for, but we are relatively close if you want to meet them. Located in Riggins.

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