Buckling for sale, price reduced
    ]Sable/Alpine buckling for sale, price reduced to $75.  Almost 4 month old 3/4 Sable 1/4 Alpine buckling for sale.  I need him sold soon so have reduced the price by half!  Would make a wonderful packgoat.  He already weighs #74 at 3 months old and has a wonderful temperament.  CAE free, all vaccinations and tattooed.  Not castrated and I am not sure of his horns. I thought he was polled but now he has some horn growth, started at 2 months so unusual.   Located in Lebanon OR
Please - help Jan find Lazer a home!  He comes from great stock, was raised right and is an in your pocket boy.

He will make someone an outstanding packer with his size, pedigree and temperament.  Plus -  you can't beat the price!

He has the giraffe bumps like he's polled but recently grew a small horn that broke off.  I've never seen anything like it before.  It would be interesting to see what develops as he ages.

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Goatberries Happen!
I'd purchase him if he weren't so far away. I live near Boise, ID, any chance he could hitchhike much closer?
Hi Oxnam, my main goal is for him to go to a good Packgoat home. Will you be using him for packing? I have always sold my boys to packgoat homes and find I am unwilling to sell them as brush or pet goats. I plan to attend the Cascade Packgoat Club campout on September 7th perhaps we could meet there? This Friday I will be in Lapine which is closer than here or I do know a family that does transport from near Boise but I have no idea what the cost might be, can sure check that. My email is janp31055@gmail.com I would really like to hear more about your plans, Jan
I definitely only want goats for packing, I have had them for over 12 years. They were the best way to get my young family into the mountains for extended periods. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time right now for a pickup more than a couple of hours away. We are just starting to build a house on 15 acres and archery elk season opens next week, which between the two, will take up most of the free time I can find. Let me know if you find out what transport may cost.
Thanks for the reply!  I am kinda in the same boat as you, normally I would be willing to travel but have State fair coming up and then a trip to Yellowstone.  I would love for him to go to you so let me check with my friends and also talk to my husband maybe we can figure a time to meet part way?  Thanks for your interest, Jan
I have found a home for Lazer, thank you for your interest Oxnam!

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