Nubian Alpine Pack Goat Prospect
                    Pinyon is 90% Nubian, 10% Alpine.  He is a very friendly, wide in the front little guy (8 weeks old).  Dam raised, but lots of people attention as you can see from some of the pictures (he had not ever met the people in the pics before).  He is still intact, and is horned, has moonspots which may not be real visible in the pics.  He loves going out for our daily walks.  If I was ready to start with packs goats, I would definitely be keeping him.  However, I'm still pretty busy with the dairy end of things, not leaving time for real training (of myself or the goats), and my barn is full enough right now.  We are heading out of town for five days next week, so won't be around for questions between the 22 and 26th (oh, if only I had my goats already packing, I wouldn't have to carry all my stuff next week!!!).  

His sister is also available (she is in the background on some of the pics), as well as his two half sisters.  If any one is interested in any of them, let me know and I'll send more info and pictures of them.  Two of the three are spotted, the third is bicolored.

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Still available, as are his sister and two half sisters. Message me with any questions.

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