Sable/Alpine Buckling For Sale
    I am offering a 2 month old Sable/Alpine buckling For Sale.  Born May 8th, 2019 Lazer is 3/4 Sable and 1/4 Alpine. He weighs 54# at 2 months, his Mom is about 200 and Gramma is 220.  I expect he will be 250# when mature.  He has excellent conformation, very sturdy!  I would post pics but it said my files are to big so if you email I can send them.  Lazer is polled so no horns (or scurs).  My herd is CAE, CL and johnnes free.  Had his BoSe and will have his last CDT on July 18th. Tattoo with my scrapie I.D.  I send in fecals but haven't had to worm for a few years as I have 5 acres and 5 goats.  Besides the size and sturdiness of this boy I also think he has the perfect personality to be a packgoat. Definitely has the Saanen disposition, playful but also very calm.  He is being dam raised but I am retired and spend a lot of time with the goats.  Asking $150 to the perfect Packgoat home.  Please email me for more info and some photo's.

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