How any of you are going to the NAPgA Rendezvouz?  I'm sure going to try to get there!

Here are links to the Rendy information:
Goatberries Happen!
Pretty zure... not 100% yet...but pretty sure we will be there. Hubby and I and maybe 4 goaties.
Yes! Phil and I plan to be there with Finn and Sputnik.
I'm planning on attending... with my goats Georgie and Hunter. Wonder if we'll need to be prepared for snow-camping.
You'll have to watch the weather. I would advise being ready for anything, from possible below freezing at night to 80 degrees during the day. This area is wild and beautiful. We should know better as we get closer.
So far, so good. Just checked out snow pack levels in the Bighorns, and snow dropped below 1" in the specific area we're meeting at a couple days ago. Assuming no more snow, I think things should be nice. Thanks!
Hooves all trimmed, goat baths done. Truck is loaded. I came down with the crud last night after flying home from Boston. Slightly delayed but not defeated. Airlines are a good place to catch things you don't want.
The Rendezvous was a lot of fun this year, but boy was it COLD! We had a little snow and a little hail, but thank goodness it was dry for the most part and at least we didn't have rain! The location was stunning. Great job, Desarae Starck, for scouting out such a beautiful spot to hold our Rendy!  

Marc Warnke brought his beautiful Alpine, Merciless. He is as stunning as ever! 

We took Finn and Sputnik with us of course. 

Nancy Clough gave the first talk on Friday morning while I sat next to her for moral support. She went through Carolyn Eddy's goat first aid book and highlighted certain topics for discussion. 

We had a much smaller crowd than the last few years, but we still had a good turnout and it seemed like a particularly dedicated group.  

Marc gave an excellent talk on training packgoats. Training is a subject I am passionate about so I really enjoyed hearing Marc's techniques and experiences. 

Later that evening I worked with Robert and Connie Losee's goat, Sprite. Sprite was at the Texas Rendezvous where he was quite skittish, but he's tamed down a lot since then and I could tell Robert and Connie had been working with him. I was able to harness him and hitch him to a cart for the first time and he pulled it like a champ! 

He even pulled Connie around a little bit! 

Robert was better trained though. 
Saturday morning Charlie Hackbarth and Alexa Metrick demonstrated the Sopris saddle with the help of myself and Clay Zimmerman. 

Sputnik modeled the Lumbar system while Charlie modeled an amazing pants/shorts combination that not many people can pull off.  

Later that afternoon we took everyone through an obstacle course that I designed using mostly the natural terrain and a teeter-totter. The teeter-totter was a big hit with the humans, but some of the goats weren't too sure about it. Sputnik is a teeter-totter expert and showed everyone how it should be done.   

It didn't take long for Dean Kroon's goat to figure it out. 

There were plenty of cool natural features, including brush and trees of all sizes to go around, over, under, and through. There were also a lot of really neat rocks! Celia's goat demonstrates the belly brush obstacle. 

Finn crosses a bushy fallen tree. 

I had another man-made obstacle at the end in the form of an umbrella and trash bag to test the goat's fearlessness around unusual, flapping things.  

All in all it was a fun Rendy. Although it was cold, the location was beautiful and spacious and perfectly set up for goat camping. The crowd was small but the camaraderie was great. Can't wait to do it again next year!
The chariot races were fun!  Obviously Sputnik has the advantage - he was even cantering in harness!

.jpg   20190624_181805.jpg (Size: 237.45 KB / Downloads: 20)

The Rendy is always SO much fun!  Great folks, classes, demonstrations, fun things to do and oh my gosh - the food everyone prepares!

Desarae did a great job organizing this Rendy.  Thanks to all who attended and those who gave demonstrations and classes.   Smile
Goatberries Happen!

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