First hike along the Columbia River
Well, I picked Thor up from Dave a couple of days ago. Today the family and I took Thor and Totes out on their first hike. They follow us like champs and behaved like gentlemen. We had a lot of fun. Here are a few pics.

[img][Image: 20140607_192531.jpg][/img]

[email][Image: hike1.jpg][/email]

[img][Image: hike3.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: 20140607_194319.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: hike2.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: 20140607_193640.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: 20140607_194129.jpg][/img][img][Image: 20140607_194138.jpg][/img]
Great pictures!
Ah cool! Let the fun begin! Smile
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
See any snakes along them parts?
All I want for Christmas is a new hip.
Just an old skin shed, no live snakes. Two guys were hanging out on the river bank, and asked if we had pet deer. I told them no they were pack goats, and they were like "cool!" Smile
That's great! Neat photos. Thanks so much for sharing! Looks like ya'll will have many great adventures together in the years to come. Smile
I cant believe how nice those markings are. They sure are big for their age. They'll be excellent goats!
Yeah, they look huge for their age. Looks like everyone had a good timeSmile

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