Lone Star Hoofenanny April 5-7
Howdy parders! It's about time we had a packgoat gathering down south, so I've organized a mini Rendezvous in Davy Crockett National Forest near Kennard, TX for Saturday, April 6th. I spoke to the district ranger yesterday and got the go-ahead. I'm anticipating camping out Friday and Saturday nights, but folks are welcome to stay only one night, or come down just for Saturday. Activities will only be planned for Saturday. My Texas liaison, Eric Mulkey, is planning to get down to the area sometime in the next week and snap photos and tell us a little more about the campground since I've never personally been there. 

If anyone decides they want to come, particularly if they want to camp, please let me know. I'll want to add you to my email list so I can keep you updated, and I also need to make sure we don't exceed the size of the facility. I told the park ranger it would be about a dozen parties. So far six parties have committed. 

It's gonna be a blast!
Dang, to bad I'll be out of town. Instead if hiking with goats, I'm taking this little (not) girl to run and play with a bunch of other dogs in a monster sized field.
Happiness is a working goat
Wish you could be there! Admittedly, it would be a very long way for you though. Pretty dog!
Thank you she's my favorite! Yeah would be along drive.
Happiness is a working goat
I've made a flyer to download for anyone who wishes to print some out and hang them in your feed stores, etc. Also, if any of you Texans could please pass them around to your State Park officials and invite them to come, we're going to have a "meet and greet" session Saturday morning from 9-11:00.

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