2 year old packgoats for sale
I have a 2 year old kiko and 2 year old 3/4 kiko 1/4 alpine for sale. They come from the same stock Clay at High Uinta Gets his kikos from. They have both been on pack trips and had the Marc Warnke training saddle on while on trips. Neither one have querks or problems. Both lead well and are great with my kids. I have 14 goats and have to get rid of some and these are the two I chose because they seem to be the ones that get picked on the most. will be a great addition to a string.

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Where are you located? Would you PM with price and to get more information in the morning? We are interested in adding some Kiko boys to our string.
I’ll buy them 503-516-3911 Ray text or call if ya still have them

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