Big, Experienced Pack Goats
[attachment=6175][attachment=6175][attachment=6175]Pack Goat Team. Large Caprine Camp Carriers, 

Hiking Helpers, and Eco-Friendly ATVs! Great for hunting without scarring the land or scaring the game. 
Trained, experienced packing duo. They are camp trained, can each carry 25#, cross streams, are very sweet, healthy, well cared for. Hooves are recently trimmed. 
Not for meat. These beauties deserve an athletic home where their skills can be used to the joy and benefit of all. 

The wether is a tan 3 year old Toggenberg/Oberhasli, about 150#
The doe is a black and white 5 year old Sable, about 170#
Wether is $225
Doe is $250
Located in NE Oregon.

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