2019 NAPgA Rendy Location!
We're in the process of finalizing a location for the 2019 Rendezvous! We're sending off our application for Elgin Park, WY June 20-23. It's in the Bighorn NF about half an hour from Buffalo, WY. Hopefully we'll see you all there!

Anyone from Oregon (or far west coast) going to the 2019 Rendy?  I have 2 goats coming from Dwite Sharp and I'm trying to coordinate receiving them.  Don't want to drive all the way to Wyoming if I can avoid it!
That is beautiful country. I am so happy this area was selected.
Love those air plane ears and that goat smile.
I'm happy this area was selected too! I love it when the drive is only a day away. We can't do the west coast Rendys at all--wrong time of year for me to be gone for so many days with all the driving time.

And isn't little Sarge adorable! I couldn't resist posting that photo. He's the sweetest, happiest little goat alive. He's as low-key and content as he was as a baby. I swear if he didn't smell like his buck friend I'd still be bringing this little dude in the house. I'm convince he'd curl right up on the couch and watch movies with us like he did when he was tiny. I just love this guy. I'm going to miss him when he goes back to his owner after breeding season.

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