One Success, One Utter Failure OnTrimming Hooves
Well, of all.things, Hubby came up with an idea to trim Sprite's hooves, our breeding buck we hope to wether and turn into packgoat. He was bottle fed, nice gentleman except when it those hooves. Hubby kept poking food into him as I trimmed to distract him. Success! Well, it was a bit of a once over.lightly with the shears, probably as should for.first time in so long anyway. Wasn't about to try the Hoof Master on him today.

However the war goes.on without old.buck, Dickens, well-named because he is!  He is.badly crippled in One.frontleg, two-year-old.injury but girls. That leg is.really twisted around eastern, knee bends.slightly backwards. straight even laying down like he can't bend it so well, one year after the initialbreak, we.took him to get for something unrelated.and.the vet. Techs rough with him, they broke it again! Vet kept saying he would not put him down. He could still breed. Well, surprisingly he is.walking/limping better than in the last two years. But I am afraid to rough-house him too much for fear of injuring that leg again.
We tried two ropes.around his.neck tied to the ties of He kept fighting till he choked so bad he was.throwing up. We frieked and.untied him. I only got one foot up in air, his one.good.front, worrying how.much pressure.that was putting on his.bad leg. That foot was so bad, I don't know how to describe it. It was like the pad in the center was misshapened folds of wrinkles. I barely made an cut at all and brought some blood. I backed off.and tried to lift a back foot but could not hold him. Both hubby and I together are not strong enough or quick enough to grab both legs on one flip him. He is a.fighter!. 

So still looking for solutions to this one. Thank goodness.we.can see.a.little.light at end of.tunnel on Sprite but not.this one, yet!

Any other suggestions? Farrier.won't touch goats. And I am weary taking goats to large herd farms.for reasons Idahonancy brought up.
PS: Forgot to.add, the 2.big Boer breeders in our.area say they don't bother to trim hooves.
Well, I'm glad you were able to get a start on Sprite anyway. That's good!

Did you try contacting your local 4-H? Many of the kids I see at 4-H shows are awesome with goats and very experienced. The teenagers should be strong enough to handle your big boys, and many are looking for odd-jobs to earn a little extra cash. Your county extension office is where to contact the 4-H in your area.
What about a sling? I saw somewhere, someone took some netting and supported the whole body of the goat in the air and the legs stuck out, it had no leverage to do any harm to itself or anyone around it. Just a thought, and it's something you'd have to build. Poor guy, hope you figure something out.
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Just had a crazy idea. I see alot of pictures of wild big horn sheep blind folded and hanging from a sling (usually flying along below a helicopter being transferred to land the animal has never seen). All you need is a blind fold, a sling and back hoe to pick him up off his feet. If someone was very creative you may be able to mock up an tall engine hoist, block and tackle with pullies, or small crane like structure to pick up the goat. I'm not sure this would work but I can't imagine a goat can struggle or kick much while suspended. If you were quick he wouldn't be up long and maybe he would accept some treats to help ease the stress.
We use a large stanchion for extended trimming sessions for our big boys, just makes it easier. One time I had to tie rear legs as well with soft straps as I was by myself and I'm not particularly strong.  I have also purchased a pneumatic mechanic's stool with a soft padded top - I removed the wheels. I slide this under their knee to support front leg when trimming front hooves and under belly (raised higher) for the rear hoof trimming.  Just gives them extra stability and they fidget/fight less.

Also, this summer one of my goats injured his leg on the trail. We were able to walk him out, I called the vet and he ended up giving my goat valium via IV to do the exam - the goat dropped like a stone within seconds and we could have easily trimmed all 4 feet at that time.  He was just a bit punchy initially when he came out of it, staggered around a while like a drunk.  So as a last resort that would be an option, altho there might be some danger of injury to your goat's bad leg when he went "under" if he dropped awkwardly.

Good luck!

P.S. They do make a "sheep chair" - sydell, premier 1 - for hoof trimming and other ministrations. I can't imagine tipping a large animal backwards into one but.... I guess that's another option!
Thanks, Kat and Nancy. I looked at those tip chairs and I agree I don't think we could.tip him with that either.

Nancy,, we.are looking at a cheap boom pole lift for another reason so lifting him may be a future option but not immediately. What would you suggest for a sling? Is.this something that can be bought ready-made or a diy project? If diy, any instructions, diagrams, material suggestions for strength? Thanks.
I would try the blindfold, i have found that a lot of animals calm down if they can't see (think of the older movies where they blindfold the horses to get them out of the burning building). I would also so use a halter to tie him up so that he doesn't choke himself trying to get away.
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Blackie's Maiden,
If I remember correctly you and your husband made a nice goat hauler.  If you can do that making a simple stantion should be easy.  I made mine out of scrap wood I had around my house and it works great for all my goats.  Garbie in the picture is 224#.  I use mined for hoof trimmings, shots, what ever.  Its worth the time to make.  Kerps you and the goats safe.

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Something like this. There are slings available for horses, for a goat you may need make one. There are lots of pictures on line. A sturdy canvas should do it, maybe double thick if he is a big boy. I would use a 2" wide strapping with quick release buckles.

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