6 yr old alpine pack goat
I have really struggled with this decision, but looking to re-home Scout. He is a 195lb alpine wether and my string leader. He is not mean to the other goats and is the alpha. Very friendly and always the first to follow me anywhere. He is an experienced packer. The problem is he has poor confirmation and a weak back end. He can carry lite loads and would be great to help train young guys. He just can’t carry heavy loads or go on week long packing trips. We just have too many goats.  I need to make sure he goes to a good home as he is a special goat. Not concerned about $$$.  Located near boise idaho.        
This goat would be perfect for a day hiker! From what I've been told he has an outstanding personality. I've sold 2 packgoats to jimr and know he takes excellent care of his goats. I hope Scout finds the right home.
Goatberries Happen!
He seems a little undecided on his color scheme. Got a love it.

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