Seventh Annual Hassey "Goat Vacation"
I've never before been privileged to see this many freshly fallen aspen leaves on snow and I know I shall never forget it.  

We found squirrel tracks, but nothing else was astir. The woods were still and silent. The aspens gave way to a dark spruce forest, and solemn gray boulders lined the trail.   

Finn found a stone throne and immediately claimed it. How lordly he looks!  

If Sputnik wanted to hide, this would have been the perfect place. If he'd gone off among the evergreens I would never have found him again!  
Pieces of eight. 

Though the aspens were fewer, they were perhaps more dramatic against the dark spruce and fir. 
The day was getting cold and the snow was getting deeper. Our shoes were wet and our noses chilly. Phil and I had no idea how far we'd hiked, but it was long past lunchtime and we were hungry and our legs were tired. Nevertheless, the enchanted wood drew us on as if casting a spell. We made up our minds to head back when we reached the next creek crossing. When we finally got there, the forest tempted us to keep going, but we resisted the enchantment and did not cross. We stood on the bank and watched the water gurgling over rocks and logs. Finn took the opportunity to snuggle up to Phil for some loves.   

Fresh snowflakes began to fall, settling on Finn's black back, and we knew it was time to head down. The most beautiful forest quickly loses its magic in a snowstorm! 

But it doesn't lose all of its magic. I stopped to catch snowflakes. 

We turned a corner in the narrow canyon and found sunshine for the first time all day. 

It was late afternoon and we were all hungry when we got back to the cabin. Finn and Sputnik gorged themselves on fallen apples. 

Next morning we packed up and headed home to Rye. This was our coldest goat vacation so far, but we still found adventure and beauty on the trail. I would not trade that last hike for anything. It may be one of my favorites ever. Photos can't come close to doing it justice and I will never forget it.
How absolutely magical, the photos looked beautiful, so can only imagine seeing it for real was amazing.
It was absolutely stunning. The light was dim so the photos can't do it justice. It's also impossible to capture the grandeur of the cliffs that towered up on either side, and the sheer size of some of the trees we hiked through. There was one old fir tree that I can't even guess as to its age. It was enormous! And aspens will always, always be my absolute favorite. There's nothing quite like them. I doubt I'll ever get to see fresh fallen aspen leaves in full color on top of new snow like that again. It was unbelievably gorgeous.
Wow those Aspen's are stunning! Thank you for sharing, reminds me of our larches turning in the fall.
Today we stroll the neighborhood, someday we'll climb mountains together..  Heart
(10-31-2018, 08:54 PM)GoldenTreePackGoats Wrote: Wow those Aspen's are stunning! Thank you for sharing, reminds me of our larches turning in the fall.

Yes, our larches are wonderful when you catch them in their prime with sunshine and blue sky, but the Aspens are even more spectacular!
We don't have larches in Colorado. I was surprised when I first saw them in the northeast many years ago because I didn't know there was such a thing as a deciduous conifer tree.
Wow! I don't know which to compliment you the most on, your.ability to capture.a.story in photographs or.words. You are quite.a photographer Really enjoyed it.
Thank you!
I love your adventures and always your ingenuity. Great way to dry out a bathing suit! :-)

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